About Shieldmaid

    Jewelry with a story

    The brand Shieldmaid tell us about courage, strong women, and about daring to follow ones dreams.

    Jewelry from Shieldmaid tells a story. Inspiration for the brand Shieldmaid and design of the jewelry comes from the strong and adventurous women from our most ancient Nordic sagas. Women who, already thousands of years ago, dared to embarke on long-distance travel and adventure. They were called Shield Maidens. Ideas have also been taken from new archaeological research on women from this time, from the old Nordic myths and their jewelry and the mystery surrounding them.

    When Anna Odebäck created the company Shieldmaid, she gave herself out on a new journey in life. “After 10 years as the top bureaucrat in the state administration, I finally took courage and stepped on that boat who patiently lay waiting in the harbor. With the courage of all those women and men who had left before me, here personified by the Shieldmaid, I cast off and sailed away. The result today is the design company Shieldmaid. ”

    In autumn 2013 the company was founded in Stockholm. The following year, the business was moved to Skåne. Shieldmaid has today one foot in Stockholm, its vibrating pulse and trends, and a foot in Skåne and its inspiring nature and tranquility.

    The company has had a flying start with several design appointments within the jewelry industry. Already the first year was Shieldmaid nominated for BRAND NEW at Copenhagen Jewellery & Watch Show. And Precious talent at the trade fair Precious Fair in Stockholm.

    Now in September 2015, the company has received the prestigious Talent of the Year 2015, the jewelry industry’s prize for talented designers in Scandinavia.

    The jewelery has quickly become popular among TV profiles and celebrities and appears frequently on TV and in fashion magazines.

    Welcome to Shieldmaids world!

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