The design has been influenced by fashion as well as strong women and symbols of courage. The first collection is based on the shield as a symbol of protection and strength. Inspiration is taken from old objects and millennial shield pendants but has been given a contemporary expression of its design. The pattern in the collection Shields is Persian inspired, which is in accordance with the way they did in the eleventh century , it was influenced by the places, people and cultures throughout the world , imported objects and patterns as they did to their own.

The second collection , Brave & Gorgeous, taking even more aimed at the strong and beautiful women who once wore shields and had the courage to embark on a great adventure. New for autumn / winter 2015 is that all jewelery comes in black to. With the blackened silver for Anna in an additional element from the 1000 century mythical symbols. The blackness is taken from the raven with his wisdom and his shrewd munity and will now take place in Shieldmaids world.

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