Care instructions

If you keep up the maintenace on your jewelry they will last and shine for a long time!

We recommend that you keep your jewelry in the box you recived, when you don´t use them. Silver are strong and proof material that will last many years to come if you take care of them right. They do get darker out of contamination and other surronding substances. But it´s easy to get them shining again, here are some tips!

Silver, Gold coated and Rhodium coated

Use water and soap to clean your jewelry. Take a bowl and fill it with hot water and poor in a few dropps of soap. Then lay down the jewelry for about 15 minutes. To shine your jewelry use a soft brush, and brush gently. Then lay the jewelry on a cotton towel and air dry.

If your jewelry are very dirty and dark you can also use polish. Often you can use polish on both gold and silver, but read the label to be on safe side.


Each bronze jewelry has a surface treatment to protect skin and clothing but also to keep the color intact. Bronze is sensitive of contact with water, and it should be avoid completely.


Leather is a naturally material who variety in color and looks. With time the color changes and the leather stretches a bit.  Avoid contact with moist and water.